Our Ingredients

Almond Oil

The gentle skin softners and skin brightners packed with vitamin-E deeply nourish leaving the skin clearer. It's an Ayurvedic secret to anti-aging beauty they also act as natural everyday exfoliaters on one's skin. Where as the almond oil sun protects your skin acting as an natural sunscreen. For hair it contains ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium and phospolipids, leaving your scalp treated and nourished reducing hairfall delivering silkening shine.



Argan Oil

Argan oil the widely known oil for hair is a great conditioner that moisturises dry scalp and prevents dandruff. It adds a lustrous silky shine to one's hair nourishing it the right way. It also has non-greasy gentle moisturising benefits to the skin.



Filled with medicinal properties this yellow powder is known to be anti scarring, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, reducing dark spots and acne delivering anti- tanning and skin brightening properties.




Ancient Royal Indian saffron is rich in antioxidants, vitamins fighting Hyperpigmentation, scarring and dark spots

It's anti inflammatory, antibacterial properties make it ideal for skin brightening and reducing scars working wonders on one's skin

The aroma of saffron helps one to destress and calm oneself easily.



Star Anise

Star anise is an Indian spice that is widely believed for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, at a superficial level working as a natural skin toner. Actives like tannins are carried by the spice which helps prevent sagging of the skin by toning it and strengthening skin muscles providing instant relief to dark and damaged skin.




The treasure to numerous skincare benifts this botanical is filled with a soothing aroma instantly takes over ones senses rejuvenating, with a full power infusion of hydration becoming an effective anti-aging source which nourishes and moisturises one's skin. Vetiver also takes care of the scalp by instant collagen boost reviving dead hair bringing them back to life.



Roses the symbol of romance is universally accepted as a miraculous toner which prevents toxins and free radicals from entering the skin. Rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties along with it's remarkable aroma properties which is also full of anti-oxidants, minerals vitamins, essential fatty acids make it a rich source of anti aging delivering hydration, and deep moisture to one's skin.




Honey is the best friend to sensitive skin while its powers of cleansing and moisturising makes it an amazing facial cleanser. Complexion boost fighting the signs of aging, clearing black heads, and preventing acne this are some of its perks because it's really rich in anti-oxidants and it's anti-inflammatory.




Nagkesara known as the mesua ferrea from the family of Calophyllacea which is known SriLanka's national tree for its fragrant white flowers that yields perfume. They are known for anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties soothes the skin preventing,curing acne naturally, tightening and toning it.



Rejuvenating and brightening Marigold is a powerful skin brightener reducing scars, reducing photo - aging from sun, delivering effective moisture and nourishment to one. It's anti fungal properties also soothe the skin leaving behind the aroma to revive ones senses. One of our personal favourite in the Delixirs' face cream.



Sunflower is a secret to the youthful complexion. The powerful source of vitamin e is that which makes it a powerful antioxidant working the best in anti aging. The emollient properties of the sunflower oil helps retain moisture on one's skin for long hours letting it stay moisturised and hydrated. It also promotes natural hair growth and repaires damaged hair by nourishing them.


Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants has a lot of healing properties. The soothing natural gentle property of it makes it suitable for all skin types balancing the oily skin, soothing the sensitive skin, and hydrating the dry skin. When is comes to hair it's rich in Vitmani B,C & E, copper and zinc therefore it strengthens straightens and improves the thickness of hair adding more volume to your scalp.


Kokum butter

Highly moisturising promoting skin elasticity and Softening the normal skin, healing the dry skin, working on chapped lips being a rich source off fatty acids, anti-oxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties  A wonderful emollient that quickly absorbs into skin showing remarkable difference. Kokum butter also stimulates hair growth as it helps with oxygenation making nutrients more readily available for the skin tissues promoting hair growth.


Mango butter

Mango butter is a very versatile ingredient when it comes to skins it lightens the complexion, absorbs easily, non-greasy texture, extra moisturising makes it a perfect butter packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

It also leaves behind a youthful appearance reducing fine lines soothing and healing the skin.


Shea butter 

Shea butter comes to rescue by healing and conditioning and toning one's skin. High levels of fatty acids makes it much easier for it to work, while the non greasy texture lets calm and soothe the skin leaving it glowing and nourished.



Universally accepted for skin brightner and lightening. Rich in Vitamin c is also a great anti-oxidant boosting  collagen production. Takes care of dark spots and blemishes.



Peppermint is a natural cleanser which is anti-bacterial, antimicrobial balancing out natural oils reducing the levels of acne. The menthol wakes up one’s skin brightening it  leaving it fresh and hydrated. Stimulates hair growth and prevents hair fall.



Pepper is a natural exfoliant removing dead skin cells preventing acne. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties improves blood circulation providing more oxygen and nutrients to your skin.



Amla the Indian Gooseberry rich in antioxidants and vitamin c helps the hair and skin in multiple ways like firming, lightening, toning, reducing pigmentation and oiliness from the skin. With hair it helps in stimulating hair growth, helps maintaining  the hair colour, reducing dandruff and stopping hair fall.



Aloe vera a great moisturiser for skin and hair is highly anti-inflammatory rich in vitamin A and C . Aloe vera leaves the skin soft hydrating by deeply hydrating it. Thus preventing acne , healing sunburns, reducing dandruff and keeping skin fresh and healthy.


Castor oil

Castor oil rich in fatty acid particularly in ricinoleic acid helps improving blood circulation of the scalp nourishing and strengthening one’s hair. It works great in reducing fine lines and wrinkles enhancing skin health. Restoring one’s skin.




Deodar is known as the Cedar-wood. Rich in anti-oxidants having antimicrobial, anti fungal  and anti-inflammatory properties helps with acne. It’s works wonders on one’s scalp and hair promoting hair growth, treating dandruff and hair loss. 




Frangipani essential oil

This fragrant oil has great astringent properties while deeply moisturising the skin leaving it soft and supple healing dry and cracked skin. it also hydrates the scalp reducing dandruff.


Geranium essential oil

Rejuvenating and restoring one’s skin this oil rich in aroma removes dead cells tightening the skin. The antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties make it great for regeneration of new skin and reducing the sign of aging making it a great anti-aging ingredient for one’s skin.





Widely known herbal ingredient with a lot of medicinal properties works keeping the skin healthy bringing back it’s natural glow. Works as a tonic for the scalp painting hair growth and nourishing scalp keeping it free from flakes or hair fall.



Olive oil

Rich in anti-aging , olive oil has a great amount of vitamin-e and antioxidants which helps delay signs of aging. It can also be used for brightening and toning one’s skin.

Olive oil moisturises the hair nourishing and keeping it away from split-ends.Takes care of dark spots and blemishes.



Oudh essential oil

In Ayurveda agarwood is known as kushtant meaning remedy for skin. Oudh oil is taken from the aquilaria tree widely used for aromatherapy to calm and rejuvenate one’s senses. This oil has a smoky aroma working on the signs of ageing and repairing damaged skin cells.  



Patchouli essential oil

Patchouli essential oil helps clearing out one’s complexion brightening the skin tone, toning the skin and making it feel healthy and soft. Repairing wrinkles, fine line and blemishes.