Since 1950's, our founding fathers have been innovating and developing ayurvedic formulations for lifestyle diseases under the brand name Grocare®. Today, they have helped healed millions of cases around the globe. Inspired to make a impact on the future, we started concentrating on skincare and the effects various natural ingredients have on our skin. On analysing closely we found that even today the true skincare rituals used amongst the Royals remain safely hidden. Their safeguarded secrets to perfect skin remain a mystery untouched by many. Delixirs® was made as an effort to unearth these secrets and provide a skincare experience, truly worthy of the Royals. 
True beauty begins with nature, and radiates with nurture.
Delixirs® stems from a unity of the words “The” and “Elixir,” and breathes new life into the beauty industry, with a skincare brand that embraces quality, purity, naturalness, and efficacy. 
Elixir [noun]
  1. a magical potion.
  2. a medicinal solution.
  3. a substance held possible of transforming metals into gold.
  4. a preparation able to prolong life indefinitely.
We believe that proper skincare isn’t an indulgence, but a necessity. We believe that your skincare line should care for your skin just as much as you do. And, we believe in pampering, because beauty care should be safe, and highly effective, and should make you feel incredible.
That’s why the Delixirs® brand was born—to offer a no-compromise approach to top-quality ingredients and invigorating spa-like experiences, so that you can confidently know that what’s going on your skin is nourishing, nurturing, restorative, and designed for lasting results, as it should be.
Natural and effective is our motto, luxurious handcrafted skincare is our mission.
Delixirs® is a luxury skincare subsidiary of the globally respected Grocare® brand, that was founded in the 1950s with one simple, yet powerful intention: to make a difference in people’s lives. At Delixirs® our mission is no different—we strive to make a difference to your life by providing premium, handcrafted skincare solutions that are 100% natural, and actually work.
Deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, and conscious of contemporary aesthetics, Delixirs® is proudly leading the way in all-natural, luxe beauty care as India’s first silicone-free skincare brand. Luxurious, handmade, and infused with naturally moisturising butters, healing essential oils, and antioxidant-rich fruit extracts, the Delixirs® product range provides environmentally conscious consumers, like yourself, with a wholesome alternative to beauty care.
We care about you, and our planet.
For us, quality, ethics, and the environment are paramount. We truly care about what we put in our products, so that you can properly care for your skin. That’s why the Delixirs® skincare line utilises only the very best, locally-sourced ingredients, and is cruelty-free, chemical-free, and eco-friendly.
Every ingredient combination is specially formulated by a team of Ayurvedic practitioners, expert product formulators, and cosmetic scientists. No fillers, additives, or harmful ingredients are ever considered, just pure botanicals, herbs, flowers, and natural butters. 
We take the utmost care in crafting each product batch from scratch, freshly curating raw materials, and extracting essential oils in-house, to ensure optimal quality and freshness for you.
It is our greatest honor to present you with a silicone-free, sulphate-free, and paraben-free skincare line that blends Ayurvedic principles with modern beauty rituals, offering you beauty products that naturally care for your skin, providing glowing results, and irresistible experiences.
When it comes to nurturing your skin, we believe the best way is the all-natural way. As our parent company Grocare®’s philosophy so eloquently shares: The human body deserves the utmost level of care and attention. 
Join us in the natural beauty revolution.