Healthy, Shiny Hair With These Five Tips

A healthy head of hair completes your look and boosts your confidence. Indeed, it is your crowning glory, luscious locks are maintained with the use of a good shampoo and hair products, but real healthy hair also begins from within.

 They say that your hair mirrors your internal health, and therefore what you put into your body is just as important as what you put on it.

 You can nurture yourself from inside out by practicing good eating habits, taking some holistic advice from Ayurveda, with these simple tips you will be enjoying beautiful, glossy locks and feeling full of vitality.

  1. Massage your hair and scalp
  2. Use a hair mask
  3. Eat healthy
  4. Use hot water sparingly
  5. Choose a good shampoo 

Head Massage

1. Massaging your head and scalp is a great way to release tension and stress which, as outlined in our previous blog post, can wreak havoc on your skin, hair and overall health. A scalp massage also stimulates circulation especially at the root, and this strengthens the hair and accelerates hair growth. Use a warmed up natural hair oil, with a lovely fragrance that relaxes your mind and invigorates your soul. Delixirs Hair Pack is also great for a good scalp massage and pre-wash treatment, apply it to your hair from root to tips, leave it on for 10 – 15 minutes, give yourself (or get someone else) to give you a good massage either with a scalp brush or their fingers and then wash it all out. The formula is extremely nourishing, reduces hair fall and keeps the scalp healthy, preventing dandruff and promoting hair growth.

Use a Hair Mask 

2. Use a hair mask. After shampooing it is imperative to use a good hair mask, especially if your hair is dry, damaged, frizzy, colour-treated or all the above! A good hair mask seals in moisture and deep conditions your hair, leaving it soft and manageable. Delixirs Hair Mask is created with Rosewood and Argan oil, which deeply conditions the hair. Argan oil is like liquid gold and contains a high level of vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which have extremely hydrating effects on the hair and the scalp. The antioxidants found in Argan oil is also beneficial for colour-treated hair, preventing pigment loss and preserving true colour for longer.

Healthy Nourishment 

3. Eat healthy and exercise. Ayurveda says that healthy hair is an indication of a healthy body. Therefore it is important to be conscious of what we consume for holistic health, drinking plenty of water keeps the body and hair hydrated and lush, eating foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins, makes you feel good and look good. Make sure you are getting enough of all the food groups especially good fats which can be found in avocados, fatty fish like salmon and nuts like almonds. There is also a connection between your gut health and your hair so make sure to get your probiotics in, also a biotin and folate supplement work wonders on hair health and growth.

Moderate The Heat

4. Hot water feels goooood especially after a long day, but it is not so good for your hair. In fact, most heat is not good for your hair including the hair dryer and heat styling tools. Hot water can damage the hair shaft and frazzle the hair, it is best if you can’t stand the idea of a cooler shower, to give your hair a rinse afterwards with cold water. This will close the hair cuticle, keeping the hair smooth and shiny.

Choose a Good Shampoo (and Hair Products.)

5. Choosing a good shampoo is a factor that really counts towards your hair looking it’s best. Pay attention to the ingredients, there are a lot of nasty additives in hair products that create instantaneous results but can lead to all sorts of damage in the long-term including excessive hair fall and even baldness! Delixirs Shampoo is infused with Lemongrass and Deodar, and is an all-natural Ayurvedic option for hair cleansing. It is free of any silicones, sulphates and parabens, so it is safe to use and the benefits are long lasting.

A Bonus Tip! Avoid Products With Silicones. 

Silicones are an artificial ingredient, similar to plastic, that is commonly added to haircare especially to smoothing products. They are so popular because of their ‘instant’ transformational results, the hair appears smoother with less frizz and damage, this is because they work by coating the hair in a layer of film, much like cling wrap – this gives a polished look, but it also prevents any hydration or nourishment from entering the hair. They are also very difficult to wash out and ‘cling’ to the hair, this can result in breakage, brittle strands and stripping of any colour treatments you may have. In the long term you are damaging the overall health and integrity of your hair by the extended use of hair products containing silicones. Hair Serum is a natural alternative to this and is 100% silicone free, free of all chemicals and artificial fragrances, Hair Serum is handcrafted with protein-rich oils, fruit extracts and essential oils that easily absorb into the hair, naturally detangling, smoothing and taming frizz, using only natural ingredients to smooth the hair, giving it lasting shine and gorgeous vitality in the long term.






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