6 Reasons why you need to remove your make up, tonight. 

Why is makeup removal so important? 

Removing make-up is a chore! Especially when you have been working a late night, burning the candle at both ends or partying the night away, the last thing you feel like when you get home is removing your make up. Oh, life would be so simple if you could just go to sleep with a full glam face on but sleeping in yesterday’s or last night’s make up is actually, really unhealthy for your skin. 

But why?

1. Eye Irritation 

Your eyes are the most sensitive area of your face, and probably the area that we use the most makeup. Not adequately removing makeup can result in tiny particles being transmitted into the eyes and causing redness, allergies, itchiness and even infection. Habitually going to bed with your make up still on can cause the clogging of the lash follicles and oil glands resulting in clogging eye follicles, which can cause small bumps and styes, which can even affect your sight in the long run.

2. Thinner Lashes 

While we’re on the topic of eyes, most mascara formulations are drying, and if left on your lashes overnight this excessive drying can make your lashes brittle and that causes them to thin and fall out. We all want beautiful, thick luxe lashes – so removing your makeup is a small sacrifice to keep them rooted where they are!

3. Pimples and Blemishes 

At night your skin goes into renewal mode and sheds dead skin cells, this is what gives you a healthy glow in the morning, the skins ability to regenerate itself. Leaving a thick layer of makeup on really impedes the skin’s natural ability to do this and also inevitably ends up clogging pores leading to pimples and blemishes.

4. Blackheads 

Leading on from clogged pores, the waxes in many lip products smears around the mouth area while you sleep – which leads to those pesky, unsightly blackheads!

5. Premature Ageing 

If your skin can’t renew itself, you’re going to age much faster. Leaving makeup on for longer than you should also increases exposure to free radicals which break down collagen in the skin. Collagen keeps the skin young and bouncy, without it, skin tends to droop and sag. Want to look younger, give yourself a fighting chance and make removing your makeup a habit tonight.

6. Dry Skin and Lips 

When you leave your makeup on or aren’t effectively removing it, you are probably not following a good nighttime routine and you are also missing out on a time when your skin is most receptive to absorbing good-for-it ingredients. Your skin cannot soak in all the elements from your night products, if your makeup is not effectively removed – because it remains as a residual barrier, blocking any nighttime products that need to penetrate the skin. This in time leads to dry, undernourished skin and lips too!

How to remove makeup: 

There are many different types of makeup removers available on the market today, balms, micellar waters, eye-makeup removers, wipes… many claim to be easy to use and effective but they seem to have their drawbacks as well. 

Balms are formulated to melt away makeup, however, a lot of the time the formulations of balms are hard to rinse off and leave a sticky residue themselves – this completely defeats the purpose of makeup removal and also who has the time to double cleanse? Micellar water needs cotton pads – and who can find that at 2 am, also cotton pads are one use and then disposed of, so are wipes – so these methods are not really that budget or environmentally friendly. 

Delixirs Make-Up Removal Pads are the solution for all these concerns, easy and fast to use, you just have to run some warm water over them and wipe your face, and all traces of your make up are gone! No added liquid makeup remover needed, and they are reusable so environmentally friendly too. The special fibre is gentle to use on the eye area but tough enough to whisk away any waterproof formulations too. Truly so easy and convenient, you won’t really have an excuse to ever go to bed with your makeup on. 

Find out more about Delixirs Ultra Gentle Makeup Remover Pads here.

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