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Delixirs Facial Care Makeup Removal Pads
Delixirs Facial Care Makeup Removal Pads
Delixirs Facial Care Makeup Removal Pads
Delixirs Facial Care Makeup Removal Pads

Makeup Removal Pads


Rs. 1,399 Rs. 999

Electrolyte-Rich Formula. Product of India. Ships to 25+ Countries

Watch Heavy Foundation, Mascara, Eye Shadow, Powder, and Lipstick get whisked away easily with mere warm water on this Extra-Special Fiber Wonder

Delixirs’ Ultra Gentle Makeup Remover Pads save time, money, space, and the planet! No more constantly restocking disposable cotton rounds or makeup-removal wipes and bottles of solutions. These incredible, state-of-the-art pads swiftly yet gently remove all traces of makeup from your face with only a little warm water. It’s amazing but true -- and users are loving the ease and convenience.


  • Durable & Reusable
  • Lightweight & Easy to use
  • Environmentally Helpful
  • Performs Heroically
  • Perfect for all skin types

You’ll never go back to wasteful throwaway makeup remover pads after trying these reusable makeup removal pads. They can be machine washed with clothing for fresh use the next day and last through 200+ washes, so they are ready to do their job effectively each day.

Savor the extra time and money, and feel good about creating far less filler for the landfills. Have fun watching that heavy foundation, mascara, eye shadow, powder, and lipstick get whisked away so easily with mere water on this extra-special fiber wonder. Enjoy Delixirs’ Ultra Gentle Makeup Remover pads today!



You’ll receive 2 soft, sturdy black pads in a stunning golden sachet. Take one out when the day is done, dampen it with warm water only, and gently swipe it across the skin to remove cosmetics (even the difficult-to-take-off blends). It gets everything wiped away and leaves clean skin behind.