Why should we ONLY use Silicone Free Hair Products?

When we talk about hair care products these days, the discussions will bring up ‘silicones’ and the topic of whether they are good for your hair or bad.  In the present scenario, there are a plethora of hair care products available in the market, from shampoos to hair sprays, conditioners, serums, and whatnot. With people obsessing over the ingredients list on product labels, they are trying to figure out what all those constituents do. Their goal is to go silicone-free, but why?

Despite providing advantages like absorbing and retaining moisture, smoothing and anti-frizzing, etc., overuse of silicone-based hair products can make your hair dull, greasy, and lifeless.

As more and more people are making an informed decision when it comes to buying products, they are ignoring most of the things that are not natural. Speaking of ‘natural,’ at DELIXIRS – India’s First Silicone-Free Brand, we thrive to provide our customers with chemical-free hair care products. We believe in using fresh rare active botanicals for all our products that ensures optimum health of your hair while giving it its natural shine and smoothness.

The reason silicones are found in hair care products is that silicone acts as a conditioning agent that helps boost smoothness and shine. However, because there are so many different types and levels of silicone used in hair care products, depending on what you use, your hair may suffer.

So, why take the risk if you can go silicone-free and get the same results?

In this post, we will educate you about silicone-based hair products and why you should refrain from using one.

Let’s jump right into it.   


Why Is Silicone Included in Hair Care Products?

Silicone is a mineral – a type of polymer – that behave like plastic in a way that it is flexible and can be molded for different uses.

In hair products, silicones are used to form a protective layer over the hair, providing added softness and slip, reduce frizz, lock in moisture, and enhance shine.

For curly, coarse, and dry hair types, silicone can help tame the unruly strands by improving overall manageability and smoothness. In simple terms, due to its properties, silicone ‘waterproofs’ each strand, keeping the hair smooth and shiny.  

Why Is Silicone Bad for your Hair?

Despite all the pros, silicone has little to no affinity with human hair. Since silicone is a water-soluble mineral, it is very tricky to wash out.

While silicone gives your hair added smoothness and shine, it forms a layer over the hair shaft, oppressing the hair and stopping moisture from penetrating. This can lead to brittleness and dryness of hair.

According to the experts at DELIXIRS, silicone merely creates an impression of healthy hair. And as it continues to build up layer by layer on your strands and scalp, your hair gets weighed down, and your pores get blocked.

Therefore, your hair can look dull, greasy, and lacking the shine and smoothness. This can lead to hair fall and baldness.

Silicone is shiny in appearance; therefore, it gives your hair shaft a synthetic shine and disguises the actual condition of your hair.

The most common type of silicone used in hair products is ‘dimethicone’ or ‘cyclopentasiloxane’, which easily build up on your scalp and strands. It is hard to remove and prevent the hair shaft from breathing. Silicone prevents essential oil from reaching your scalp and hair shaft. This can lead to irritation, itching, burning, and rashes to the hair follicles. This is the reason why you may experience hair fall and shedding.

Now, to remove the build-up of silicone, people have started using shampoos containing irritating and harsh foaming agents like SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate). While SLS helps in removing the silicone build-up, it also strips the healthy natural oils that protect your scalp and hair. It can put your scalp and hair follicles out of balance, causing your hair to become brittle, dry, and damaged. Once the hair is damaged, it becomes difficult to restore the balance and then begins the vicious circle.

Thus, it is important that you start using silicone-free hair products in the first place to prevent hair damage that will come knocking your door later.  


Choosing the Right Product is the key to Beautiful and Healthy Hair

When you are looking for hair products, it is important that you put a little research into it before buying. It is best to look at the ingredients list and see if it contains silicone of any type. Since there are different types and levels of silicone used in hair products, it can be difficult to filter the best ones. Silicones aren’t scary, but they will slowly bring down the health of your hair. 

Therefore, you can opt for silicone-free products from DELIXIRS. There are not many brands that offer silicone-free hair care products. DELIXIRS, after years of research and testing, has managed to come up with silicone-free, sulphate and paraben free & skin pH friendly hair care products.

We are a trusted brand and our range of hair care products is a benchmark among other brands. Our products use silicone alternatives that are natural and therapeutic. They provide the same properties as silicone but ensure your hair remains healthy in the long run.

Our hair care range includes hair serum, hair pack, shampoos, hair mask, and more that will take care of your ‘healthy hair’ needs.

For most people, ditching sulphate and silicone-based products seem illogical as they produce the lather that gives that ‘clean’ feeling. We can assure you that sulphate and silicone-free products also offer the same feel, but in a more safe and healthy environment.

Read About our Silicone/ Sulphate & Paraben Free Haircare Range here

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