Why is face serum so important?

If you feel that your skin routine may in a bit of a slump, serum can be a game-changer. Why is this? Because face serum is usually a super dose of the goodies that make your skin glow, like antioxidants, antibacterials and anti-inflammatories and is formulated to penetrate the skin deeply, if you’re feeling that your skin routine is a bit blah at the moment, give a supercharged face serum a try to add back some oomph! Read on to find out all about face serum. 

What is face serum? 

Face serum is usually lighter in consistency than your moisturiser, it is gel-like or watery because this lighter formulation helps to penetrate the skin deeper and quicker, taking those potent ingredients deeper into the skin. This is why when using a face serum, you will probably notice results much faster than just by using face cream alone. Delixirs Face Serum is packed full of active botanical ingredients, especially antioxidants, antibacterials and anti-inflammatories, incorporating this face serum into your everyday routine will naturally assist in reversing skin damage, reducing dullness, pigmentation and scarring for even, clear, radiant skin.  

What actually is an antioxidant? 

An antioxidant is a helpful compound that is derived from natural ingredients, that fight free radicals and stressors from the environment and helps to protect your skin from UV rays and pollution. This is why it’s important to look for a serum with antioxidants. Antioxidants are popularly found in naturals like pomegranate oil which is a key ingredient in Delixirs Face Serum

An antibacterial? 

Antibacterials get rid of microbials and any substances that may lead to infection of the skin. This is especially assistive if you suffer from acneic skin types and need to keep your skin hygienic, clean and safe from infection. 

And lastly what is an anti-inflammatory? 

Anti-inflammatory compounds are derived from natural ingredients like turmeric, and actively works to calm your skin down and reduce redness and inflammation. 


How to use it? 

So how do you use serum? Serum is optimally used twice daily, day and night. After cleansing and toning, apply serum straight onto your clean skin, this will help the serum to penetrate the skin and do its good work! After applying your serum, you can go ahead and apply your face cream, it's easy peasy! Up the power of your face serum by applying it after your weekly exfoliation, and watch your skin be illuminated. 

Delixirs Face Serum is a multi-use, multi-wonder product which doubles up as a smoothing primer before makeup, or pop it in the fridge for a while and apply to puffy tired eyes, the cooling effect + anti-inflammatory will equal heavenly relaxation for tired eyes. 

A routine for a clear, glowing complexion 


Start your day off with Delixirs Face Wash, which gently cleanses away any impurities and dead skin cells caused by night skin turnover. Next up, refresh your skin with Rose Water. Now that you’re truly awake, time for Face Serum, apply half a squeeze or 2-3 drops all over your face, massaging it into the skin, apply Face Cream, and you’re good to go! 


Use Delixirs Makeup Removal Pads to quickly and effectively remove the day’s makeup. Then gently cleanse your skin with Face Wash, next, a spritz of Rose Water (or two or three…) and then you’re ready for Face Serum, half a squeeze or 2–3 drops is all you need. Apply to skin, concentrating on areas of skin concerns such as pigmentation or/and acne, or facial roller to really help the product penetrate your skin. Lastly finish off with Face Cream, some Lip Balm and get some beauty zzzzz’s. 

Extra GLOW 

Once a week, exfoliate your skin with Delixirs Face Scrub, this will remove all impurities, dull skin cells and prepare your skin for the most optimum application of Face Serum. Apply a bigger dose the usual, a whole squeeze or 5 – 6 drops to your whole face, now use a jade roller to roll the product into your skin. A jade roller is amazing for facial massage as it doesn’t absorb any product like your fingertips to and therefore all that goodness is being absorbed into your facial skin. You will notice a much more glowy you by morning! 


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