We Answer The Internet's Most Asked Skincare Questions

By Lavanya Govender

Knowledge is power and most of are not beauty experts yet all of us have skin and we need to take care of it! So where to start? Well here are some of the answers to skincare’s most common conundrums ...

  1. Which cleanser should I be using?

  2. Can a face oil replace a moisturiser?

  3. Can I wear a night cream in the day or vice versa?

  4. Do I need an eye cream?

  5. How important is removing makeup?

  6. When should I start an anti-ageing routine?

  7. What can I do about dark spots?

  8. Why is natural skincare better?

1.Which cleanser should I be using?

This depends on your skin type, ideally, you would like to find a cleanser that gently removes makeup and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and tight after cleansing. This is pretty much the test if a cleanser is working for you or not. Cleansers don’t stay on the skin as long as other products so if you are budget constrained purchasing a cleanser with a long list of fancy actives and claims is usually not worth the spend. A gentle natural cleanser that is effective in cleaning, non-drying and respects the natural ph of the skin is usually the best way to go.

2. Can a face oil replace a moisturiser?

Face oil is a fantastic additive to your skincare regime, especially if your skin is dry or dehydrated. It offers a luxurious layer that seals in moisture, but it is not a replacement per se for moisturiser. Moisturiser will usually have more ingredients that are actively beneficial for your skin and the usually water-based formulas sink more readily into the skin. Remember if layering, moisturiser first, then face oil, as the oil will ‘seal’ the skin and all the lovely benefits from your moisturiser will just sit on top of this layer going to waste.

3. Do I need an eye serum?

Oh yes, you do! Well if you have any sort of crazy modern lifestyle, and lack of sleep, deadlines and running around is the normal... then yes you probably definitely do need an eye care product. Delixirs Eye Serum is infused with natural aniseed, geranium and sandalwood – that fight puffiness, dark circles, pigmentation and evidence that you’re a modern woman with a crazy lifestyle! Keep it by your bedside for a refreshing 2-minute bedtime ritual and take some time for yourself while massaging it into your tired eyes. Mmmm rose flower extract...

4. Can I wear night cream in the day and vice versa?

Usually, the answer would be no... as night cream is normally heavier than day cream and the formulations can be quite different. This may result in your skin looking quite overly-nourished and oily during the day and if used under makeup, causing your makeup to move around and not stay put. Many day creams have ingredients in that are specially added for wear in the day and outside and using these creams at night will, firstly not be of any benefit to your skin and secondly, your skin will miss out on the benefits that would be available in a night cream formulation. So, yay for Delixirs versatile Face Cream that is flexible to use in the day time and the night time. A hydrating formula that keeps you glowing from day to night, and night to day.

5. How important is removing makeup?

I know, I know, this is a cardinal sin I commit as well... you’re tired, its past 10 pm and your face just wants to find the nearest pillow. Just don’t do it – removing makeup is an important step in caring for your skin properly. Not removing your make up can result in blocked pores, unnecessary breakouts and premature ageing...yikes. Start with a gentle makeup remover that doesn’t tug at your skin or eyelashes, follow this up with a good cleanser and get all the last residue with a smart toning product, Delixirs Rosewater does this as well as hydrating and refreshing, leaving your skin ready and prepped for bed...zzzz.

6. When should I start an anti-ageing routine?

Alas, your skin’s production of collagen and elastin is already stating to diminish in your twenties, so it is never too early to start fighting back. If you’re not ready for chemical actives such as retinol try naturally derived ingredients that are proven to reduce the ageing process, antioxidant ingredients like turmeric, saffron and sandalwood, detoxify the skin, reduce pigmentation and protect against damage from the elements.

7. What can I do about dark spots?

Dark spots and uneven skin tone is a popular skin issue but it is easily dealt with. Choose products with ingredients that are known to combat grey and dull areas and give you back your glow. Look for products with glow-getting ingredients like turmeric, rose water and sandalwood. Add a good exfoliant to your routine, Delixirs Face Scrub has ingredients like fresh potato starch, crushed almond powder and lemon peel powder that scrubs away dull- skin inducing dead skin cells, fades dark spots and creates a clear radiant visage.

8.Why is natural skincare better?

Natural skincare is doing the best for the environment and the health of the skin, as in our previous post about clean beauty – natural skincare just seems like the optimal choice. It’s safe, non-toxic and not harmful to you.
Natural beauty is now more effective than ever and can outdo toxic products for efficacy and safety, why use a harmful product that is just not as effective anyway? Check out our post on
Clean Beauty to learn more...