The Sunday Sanctuary

How to slow down on a Sunday and spend some time on yourself

Yes, life is totally busy and because most of us are working from home these days, what was our sanctuary has now become the workplace. This is why it is incredibly important to take some downtime to unwind, create a calming space and do some much-needed stress relief.

Here’s some helpful tips to turn some time on a Sunday into a Selfcare ritual

Take the Time

The time that you carve out is for you! No distractions, set that phone on silent, send the kids off with the other parent, don’t make plans, make sure that you can focus and concentrate on relaxation, not a million other things. This is the time for you to center yourself and really get in touch with your mind, body and soul.

Set the Mood

An important step and don’t skip, is creating the right atmosphere for total relaxation. Wherever you feel safe and secure to create a little cocooned escape from the world, however considering the upcoming steps, I strongly recommend the bathroom. Light some candles, draw yourself a bubble bath, get some incense going – lavender is great for relaxation. In fact, scents and aromatherapy are proven to aid relaxation and are highly beneficial for an all-round feeling of wellness. Scent is the sense most connected to memory – so the more you use a particular scent to relax, the more easily your mind and body will find calm the more you use that scent. Easy as that.

Natural is Nicer

 Using natural products that are safe and non-toxic is imperative to the process of selfcare, it really defeats the purpose otherwise. After immersing yourself in water start with a gentle cleanser, Delixirs Body Wash respects your skin’s ph levels, nourishes and cares for your skin, while removing impurities. It is a unique combination of freshness and care with an aromatic fragrance of steam distilled essential oils, tea leaves and fruit extracts, which invigorates the senses and clears the mind.

Scrubbing and Brushing

Body brushing and exfoliating is an excellent way to remove dead skin cells and get the blood flowing – improved circulation = a gorgeous glow. Delixirs Body Exfoliator is formulated with wonder ingredient turmeric, which evens out skin tone and ameliorates sun burnt skin. Naturally moisturising sun-dried lemon peel nourishes while removing dead skin cells. After cleansing, take a generous dollop of product and start with the feet and work your way to towards the heart, applying the product in circular motions will really result in the full exfoliation benefit of this product and stimulate the blood vessels in your skin. After exfoliation, keep the product on for a minute or two for the turmeric to act like a mask, after rinsing off, you will see an amazingly radiant all-over glow.

Make Sure to Moisturise

Take some time with a good facial mask, read a book or drink a glass of wine. Whatever you like to just really get into your me-time, but all good things must unfortunately come to an end and after towel drying yourself off – do not forget to moisturise! What could be better to end of a day of indulgence with a luxurious body butter, Delixirs one is like a velvety hug, infused with pure ghee and shea butter, massage this instantly smoothing formula into your skin. For a bit of body cocooning, layer a body oil on top and wrap yourself in a fluffy towel, while your skin luxuriates in the splendour of all that is good for it.

Do It Weekly

Taking time for yourself is not a guilty pleasure, it is important. Psychologists have discovered that taking time for yourself, even once a week, improves self-worth and self-esteem. We can care for others unconditionally and bend over backwards for them, but we don’t treat ourselves this way. It is important that you see yourself and your body as something to care for as well, think about it like it’s your best friend – and you will notice the change. Make a promise to yourself to practice selfcare at least once a week … even if it’s not on a Sunday.









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