Radiant Skin in 7 Steps

By Lavanya Govender

What you should be using on your skin and when. 

The beauty market is a busy thing to navigate, new products are launching every day, communications are chaotic and frequent. Selecting the proper skincare, figuring out what to do on the daily and actually finding the time to take care of your skin can be overwhelming. These 7 steps can help you short cut your way to healthy, luminous skin. 

  1. Skin type 
  2. Cleansing 
  3. Toning 
  4. Exfoliation
  5. Serum
  6. Hydration
  7. The Ingredient List 

1. Uncover your skin type

Basically, your skin type falls into 4 categories, Normal, Dry, Oily and Combination. In order to discover the products and routine that are well suited to your needs, uncovering your skin type is your best first step. 

Normal skin, yay! You don’t experience skin anomalies – like breakouts, rashes, pigmentation, dry patches or oily areas. Your skin is resilient and low maintenance, however, ageing happens to us all no matter the skin type, so it is advisable to implement a skincare regime, even if it’s just a preventative one. 

Dry Skin is when you sometimes suffer from flakiness or dullness and your skin feels tight after washing. Contrastingly, oily skin, on the other hand, is when you have larger, more visible pores and can experience breakouts and blemishes. If your skin is both, for example, you are oilier through your t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and your cheeks can be normal or even dry, then you probably have combination skin. If you’re still confused as to what skin you may have, a good skincare expert can help you discover exactly what skin type you have. 

2. Cleansing Your Skin 

Cleansing your skin is a vital, if not the most important step in caring for your skin. This needs to be done twice a day, morning and night. During the day the skin comes into contact with many pollutants, this is why the skin needs to be purified at night. You also probably wear sunscreen and makeup during the day, amongst maybe other products, this needs to be removed so it does not end up clogging pores and causing blockages, as well as your nighttime products, can penetrate the skin for full efficacy. In the morning cleansing is important to remove excess oil and slough away the dead skin cells that are created during the night due to cell turnover, if not the skin can end up looking dull … and that is totally against what we want, which is radiant skin!

3. Toning

Toning the skin is a refreshing step to remove the last remnants of any pollution or product, especially if you are using a gentle or cream cleanser, toning is an important part of the cleaning ritual. Toning especially with a pure and natural ingredient like Delixirs 100% Rose Water, is the most non-evasive way to tighten pores, reduce oiliness and give yourself a fresh, rejuvenated glow, and… it just feels so good to give yourself a good spritz to awaken the complexion every now and then. 

4. Exfoliating

The number 1 enemy of radiant skin is dead skin cells that create a dull, uneven visage. Exfoliation is an extremely effective combatant of this and will ensure that these dead skin cells are sloughed away. A good exfoliator will also brighten the skin, curb unevenness and tighten pores, creating a smoother look to the skin. If you are new to exfoliation, start by using an exfoliator once or twice a week, look for one with active botanicals but not a very evasive exfoliant, Delixirs Face Scrub contains pure almond powder, that gently clears away dead skin cells for a sublimated result. 

5. Serum 

There is a myriad of serums out there and it is important to find one that packs a punch, serum is usually used before moisturising and SPF, and is usually a thinner consistency but is more potent in actives. This is where you can do some problem solving for your skin and choose a serum that is targeted for your skin issues if you have dry skin a serum with hyaluronic acid is advantageous, if you need an extra barrier against environmental damage to choose a vitamin c serum in the morning or choose a multi-purpose serum that combats ageing, reduces acne and brightens the skin. 

6. Hydration

The next step for glowy skin, is hydrating it, moisturised skin equals illuminated skin, so a good dose of hydration, morning and night is going to get you there. Applying a moisturiser and/or an SPF in the morning is going to nourish and protect your skin, it provides a barrier to moisture loss and enhances the skin’s natural protective layer. At night, moisturising your skin can be a beneficial way to lock in moisture while you sleep and really let the skin soak in all the benefits of your night cream, a good way to awaken looking radiant and revitalised. 

7. Ingredients 

 The last step to amazing, radiant skin is having a look at what ingredients your beauty products contain. Avoid products that have harmful, unsafe, toxic ingredients, if you read our last post you will surely know which ones are not good for your skin or you! Natural ingredients are better choices as there are active, illuminating and safe to use. For radiance look at organic turmeric which evens out skin tone, or pure ghee that locks in moisture. Delixirs Facial Glow Kit is a collection of their most popular products, this is everything you need to get you started with good skin care, you will be up and glowing in no time.