How To Care For Dry, Damaged Hair

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Dry or dehydrated hair is one of the most popular hair issues, an uptick in heat styling, colour treatments and other factors have caused usually glossy locks to turn dull, crunchy and prone to breakage. There is no quick-fix solution to dry hair but with some TLC, you can make your way back to gorgeous, glowing lengths again.

What causes dry hair? 

There are many culprits in the case of dry hair, but 3 main causes…

Colour Treatments 

Colour treatments are harsh, especially when lightening darker hair tones, but all colour treatments can dehydrate your hair. Colouring, bleaching, highlights etc. strip your hair of essential components especially the precious lipids which give your hair shine and lustre by holding moisture in. It is important to use the right products to not only restore the health of your hair but also extend the longevity of your colour treatment. 

Heat Styling 

Heat styling with hairdryers, hair irons and curlers can also wreak havoc on the hydration levels of your hair causing dryness and damage. If you are not using the right protection before heat styling you could literally be burning your strands. Heat styling breaks the hydrogen bonds in the hair, to style it against its natural appearance, this leads to dehydrated, damaged hair that needs reviving. 

Using the Wrong Products 

If you are using the wrong products for your hair – this can also cause dryness – especially hair products with harsh chemicals and drying actives. It is important to look for gentler, organic options, that will add moisture to the hair and fortify it with essential oils to make up for lipid loss. 

How to prevent dry hair

So how can you prevent dry hair? Using the right products for your hair is probably the most important thing to do. Select a shampoo that is gentle on your hair while cleansing but is able to infuse your hair with the right essential oils and botanical extracts. Delixirs Shampoo is a luxurious, non-drying formulation that nourishes fragile strands and rehabs them back to health. 

“The hair cleanser is gentle and effective. It leaves the hair feeling clean, manageable and not dried out.” 

Delixirs Customer Review  

If you can’t lay off the heat for a while, heat protection is essential when guarding your hair against damage and dryness caused by heat stylers, make sure that you purchase a heat protector that can protect your hair to 230 degrees or more, and apply liberally to your hair before even touching it with a hot tool. You will thank me later!

Applying oil or a hair pack at least once a week will help revive weak strands, and rehydrate your hair. Delixirs Hair Pack is a must for desert-dry hair and transforms it into radiant, healthy hair that shines naturally. Infused with hair helpers like lemongrass and deodar, you will see an improvement in your hair immediately after use. 

Dry hair care routine 

Here is a sample haircare routine for dry, frazzled hair… 



Shampoo with a gentle, organic shampoo that contains essential oils and botanical extracts like Delixirs Shampoo. Consider washing your hair once to a maximum of three times a week, this will allow for your hair to build up its natural lipids and this gentle ayurvedic shampoo will also respect your hair’s natural lipid layer. When washing, apply a good amount of product to your hair, lather and rinse with cool water.

2. Condition – Hair Mask 

Follow your cleansing with a good, no, a great conditioner. Conditioning dry hair is so important when trying to regain hair vitality. Delixirs Hair Mask is deeply nourishing, and leaves your hair feeling soft and sleek – no more crunchy ends! 

3.Hair Serum   

Once you’re out of the shower, towel dry your hair and apply a hair serum, Delixirs Hair Serum works with protein-rich oils and fruit extracts to moisturise and enrich the hair. As a bonus, it also doubles as a chemical-free hair styling aid and assists in protecting the hair against heat and environmental aggressors. 

Once A Week 

Use the Delixirs Hair Pack, it’s like hair rescue in a bottle. Apply to wet hair and let it soak in for 15-20 minutes before washing out with shampoo, soon you will forget that you ever had parched hair problems when you say hello to your new, glistening, radiant lengths. 

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