9 Beauty Tricks That Makeup Artists Swear By


Makeup is the most playful part of beauty and after a great skincare routine, it is like the cherry on the cake. Makeup helps us express ourselves in different shades and textures. It can complement our hair and skin and especially our outfits! Here are nine tips that makeup artists swear by to support your glow up. 

Lipstick Tricks 

Make your lipstick a multitasker by using it as a blush. This trick works well with sheer, bright lipsticks and will mimic the effect of a cream blush. Warm it up on the back of your hand with a finger, and this will give you the ability to choose the opacity you want. Pat and blend it onto your cheeks, this will give your cheeks colour and sheen. If you also want to have a lighter lipstick look, use your finger to dab the lipstick onto your lips rather than using it straight from the container. 

The Best Base

As the seasons change, so does our skin colour, in Summer we have a natural tanned glow and through the darker months, we can go a little paler. This is why a pro tip is to buy two foundations, not one! Buy one in a lighter colour and the other in a darker colour, this way you can always mix the perfect shade to complement your complexion all year round. 

Travel Friendly 

Eye shadow palettes can be super chunky and this makes travelling with them so inconvenient. This is when you can take advantage of other products that are more compact and are secret multitaskers. Lipsticks, bronzers, highlighters and blushers can all double up as eye shadow, this will help you travel light and experiment too!

A Dewy Complexion 

Don’t like wearing layers and layers of makeup? You can still achieve a dewy and radiant glow without packing on the products. Mix some drops of liquid highlighter – more or less according to the look you're going for – directly into your moisturiser. This will give you a dewy fresh face without the foundation. Try this trick with Delixirs Face Cream, it's so lush and perfect to achieve a natural, radiant glow. 

Pop of Colour 

Try adding pops of colour in an understated way. Like a little to the corner of your eye or to your waterline with a colourful kohl. This trick adds a little fun to your look without the over-committing to wearing big colour, this works so well especially if you’re a bit hesitant to play with colours. 

Dewy Goddess 

After applying your makeup, spritz with Delixirs Rose Water, not only does it set your makeup but it also creates a special dewiness. It also smells heavenly and has many skin benefits, you will look and smell so good! 

Glossed Up Lids 

Try a glossy lid, lip gloss is the perfect substitute if you're still on the fence about a glossy lid and don’t want to splurge on an eyelid gloss just yet. Dab some lipgloss with a strong pigment and some shimmer, all over your eyelids, blink and glow. 

Lasting Mascara 

How to refresh your mascara if you feel it’s a bit stodgy? Add some drops of saline solution and give it another go at life, this should make the formula less thick and the colour vibrant again. 

And Lastly, Remember to Remove All Your Makeup 

Removing your make up at the end of the day is the ultimate makeup hack! Your skin will thank you for it. Makeup always looks better on a smooth canvas (your skin) so taking care of your skin is the first step to smouldering with your makeup on. 


Here is a great routine to follow after a long day of makeup wearing: 

  1. Remove your makeup with a great makeup remover. Delixirs Makeup Removal Pads are so easy and fun to use. Just run the pads under some warm water, squeeze out the excess and gently remove your makeup. They work so well on all types of makeup, even removing waterproof makeup without tugging or pulling. And they are economical, so you don’t have to worry about constantly buying cotton pads. Just give them a wash and reuse!
  2. Cleanse with a hydrating cleanser, Delixirs Face Wash removes all impurities from the pores, cleaning and clearing the skin.
  3. Next up, spritz with Rose Water, this tones and refreshes the skin, it also helps the skin to fight inflammation and redness and is especially lovely to use if your skin is a bit irritated.
  4. Smear a good moisturiser all over your face, apply Face Cream liberally to your face – Oudh, Sandalwood and Saffron work magic together and infuse your skin with antioxidants and nutrients. It smooths the skin as well and works as a great under foundation treatment as well. 

 Enjoy experimenting! 

















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